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Four Mile Circus


What do they sound like?


Pah... who cares? Genres are for wimps!

So, strap yourself in for a wild, weird and sometimes disturbing journey into their tortured minds.

We guarantee you will love at least one of their songs...

Revert to Type.png

"Revert To Type"
The rock album we always wanted to make

Day Shift.png

"Day Shift"

A love-letter to the 80's and musings on the strangest year we've ever seen

Tales from the Big Top.png

"Tales from the Big Top"

A journey through 50's Americana with stories real and imagined from the circus


"Box of Tricks"

Remastered song selection from 2010-2016


"The Mace E.P."

3 re-imagined songs from our former hard-rock lives

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